Tacopa Hot Springs

Baker, California in San Bernardino County was the last California city on our missionary journey.  It signaled the end of one state and entering another.  Our destination was the Tacopa Hot Springs.  We arrived in the afternoon, found a spot and made a reservation for a private hot spring bath.  However, when nightfall came and we braved the cold to the office for our 10pm appointment, they did not have a reservation for us.  Franklin had personally made it when we arrived, but there was no record of it.  I had been looking forward to this appointment for days, but when it didn’t work out, I decided that the Lord knew best.  Truthfully, I had been doubting whether the hot spring was safe, so I took our lost reservation as a way of escape.  I hoped that when we got to Las Vegas we might find a hot tub instead (with lots of Chlorine) to kill the germs.  The Lord is so gracious.  He did just that at an incredibly affordable price.

My only regret was the $25 we paid for a primitive (pretty pathetic) RV camping spot.  There was no wifi to speak of.  The water was unusable.  We opted not to use power (to save a few bucks on the already overpriced spot).  There was a community dump station available, which did help us since we knew we would be boondocking once we reached Nevada. The view of the mountains was nice, but all in all, our opinion is it wasn’t worth the price,.  Some people opted to bathe in the springs outside of the so-called resorts, but I did a little research AFTER I made the reservation and had become wary and doubtful of hot springs in general.  So, I passed on the entire experience.  I did not take advantage of the women’s bath house or check out any of the facilities other than the front office and campground.  This is probably the only place on our entire missionary journey that we would not recommend or visit again.   To be fair, we were advised that the facility was run entirely by volunteers and they did refund our money promptly, which we paid with a debit card.  The funds were returned to the card. And, they were nice people.




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