2017/2018 Mobile Media Missionary Itinerary

The following is our itinerary for the 2017/2018 Mission Season.  Needless to say, our steps are ordered by the Lord, so plans could change.  We would be happy to change them for you if you are along our route.  Feel free to contact us for more information.

Sept.-Oct.   San Francisco Bay Area, California
Nov.            Central California
Dec.            Southern California
Jan.            Southern Nevada; Arizona
Feb.            Houston, TX; Louisiana; Florida
Mar.            Georgia; North Carolina
Apr.             Cincinnati/Dayton Ohio
May            Annual Mayfield Marriage Retreat (private sabbatical)
June           22-24 PraiseMoves Conference, Tulsa, OK
July            19-21 Legacy Conference, Chicago, IL
Aug.-Sept.  Cincinnati/Dayton Ohio
Oct.            Pittsburgh, PA

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