April 2018 – IACA, EBM International & Open Door Community Church, Summerfield, FL

In the first week of April 2018,  Franklin and I arrived in Summerfield, Florida to attend the Chaplaincy Graduation of the Class of 2018 of Inter-Americas Chaplain’s Association headed by Pastor Edwin Quintana.  He and his lovely wife, Pastor Nora Quintana were more than hospitable.  You see, they have been ministry friends and partners for several years, but this was our first time meeting. So, it was really more like a family reunion. We were licensed, anointed and ordained as ONE FLESH in the ministry by Pastor Quintana.  The ceremony was beautiful and the fellowship reinforced a lasting friendship.

While in there, we were invited to stay on the property of Evangelical Bible Mission (EBM International).  They have full RV hookups on the property.  After the graduation ceremony we had the  opportunity to meet Sr. Pastor, Reverend Gerald T. Bustin, his wife, Roana and daughter, Pastor Wendy Gallegos – second and third generation missionaries to New Guinea.  EBM runs missions in Africa, Andros Island, Cameroon, Dominican Republic, Fiji, Ghana, Haiti, Papua New Guinea and the United States.  The U.S. headquarters, where we stayed offers ministry services and training in the areas of Education, Evangelism, EBM Guest House, Family Care Givers, Open Door Community Church, Thrift Center and the War On Aids.  We were pleased to meet with the President and Vice President of EBM international extensively while there and developed several strategies to amplify the message of Jesus Christ.