Broadcast Media Solutions

BROADCASTING:  Omni-Channel, OmniCast Live Streaming, Advanced Live Streaming, 360°Virtual Reality Streaming, TV APP development, Internet TV Channels, Massive Cloud Media Hosting, Internet Radio Channels, Unified Internet Broadcasting, Multi-Lingual Closed Captions, Conferences and Major Event Broadcasting, Advertising, FCC Closed Captions

MARKETING:  Missional Internet Development, Online Marketing, Advertising, Copywriting, Web Development

MEDIA:  trueGOD Omni Channel, 360°Virtual Reality Streaming, TV APP Development, Unified Internet Broadcasting, Internet Radio Channels, Internet TV Channels, Massive Cloud Media Hosting, Specialized APPS, Mobile APPS, Copywriting, VOD Audio Translation, Multi-Lingual Closed Captions, FCC Closed Captions

MINISTRY:  Missional Internet Development, Mobile APPS, Specialized APPS, Conference and Major Event Broadcasting, iChurch Consulting, eCommerce Development, Dedicated Server Hosting, Multi-Lingual Closed Captions, VOD Audio Translations, Enhanced Pay-Per-View, FCC Closed Captions, Live Audio Translations

MONEY:  eCommerce Development, Online Marketing, Advertising, Donate-to-Watch, Advanced Pay-Per-View

SERVICES: Advertising, Information Technology (IT), Home Page Video Ad, Hourly Consulting (for profit), Hourly Consulting (non-profit), Medium Rectangular Banner Ads, One-Time Payments

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