We are Media Architects

We believe that whatever you are doing on the ground, you should be doing in the air.  Here are some examples:

  • Food Pantry – There should be forms online that people can fill out prior to picking up food (especially if you have to report certain info. to city, state or government agencies); dietary restrictions, baby food and supplies and special needs can be specified; Volunteer forms should be available and even Donor information can be collected and scheduled.
  • Ministries – Each ministry should be represented with donation links; forms for inquiries; chat for people with questions or in need of prayer.  The person that handles this in the church should handle maintaining each section online.
  • TV/Radio Stations – If your content is high quality, people will engage your website or APP more frequently.  Your congregation and the public should be constantly reminded about your channels, so advertise your upcoming events, your ministry products, and the media content often.
  • Social Media – Managing your social media is critical.  It builds relationship with people.  Engaging them personally or even as a group makes them feel important.  Usually the Administrator will respond to the bulk of inquiries, but each ministry leader should take part in responding to people making inquiries about their ministry. (e.g. youth, children, singles, marriage, etc.

These are just a few suggestions.  When we assess your media needs and your website, we create a structure that communicates your vision.  Contact us for a free assessment.